Where’s Your Heart?

Where’s your heart? If you don’t have the job you like, where does your heart lie in what you are doing? Find that and make it a part of your job, if possible.  Consider finding a way to make it part of your daily routine.  Doing this has helped me be more appreciative of what I’m doing, and ultimately makes the things I don’t like in my life a little better.


Face Brand

When in any new setting in life you want to find where you belong as soon as possible. If you don’t, odds are you most likely won’t be staying around for long. This especially goes with school. Because I didn’t find myself constrained to just one thing (cliché, yes), I found myself wanting to develop a section of the campus and make myself belong there. I did this not because what it was something I loved, but because I hated it so much. I went hard to work at the college radio station at my school, and through this found a place to belong.

I won’t go so far as to say I revolutionized the station when I started working there, but things definitely turned around by the time I left.  And what did I do to make such a turn around? Not counting the numerous hours of help I had from my friends, the one thing that changed that made it all work was what I initially hated so much about it: the station’s brand.

Your brand is a company’s face- it’s the personality and effect you have on other companies and people. I saw from the get go that something was wrong with the station identity in so many levels that it had to go.  The basics of the station had to change because it wasn’t working. By doing an image overhaul, I found a way to make a foundation from which the station could stand on to become more attractive.

The changes in the station were a direct result of things that had changed in me. Looking back on it now I find that there’s a lot about myself that has changed since then. I wanted to find my place to belong, and when I couldn’t, I made one for myself. I wasn’t completely OK with what I had, so I made it my own. It couldn’t work for just me- it had to work for other people too or the entire thing would have cancelled itself out. The same can be done in your own life if you want to start moving forward in any given profession.

You face is a company brand- your personality can effect those around you more than you think. Find a way to make yourself stand out by doing what you love, but doing it creatively. Constantly try to one up yourself, and if you don’t like something, find a way to change it or make it fit with something that you does. And how do you utilize this to make your face a brand? What better place than the Internet? Capitalize on what you have in front of you and make your own niche out of something in the social blogosphere; I’m sure you’ll find some creative way to make yourself fit in.

Like with the radio station I worked at, I knew I couldn’t get everything changed overnight- the station still suffers with figuring out what it’s slogan is going to be. The important thing I accomplished was making the image surface, and through time the rest will follow.

What works for me in creating a brand for myself is creating an outlet that forces improvement and reflection. If you don’t you’ll find yourself sitting, doing nothing, and once again waiting for something to happen.

The setting is there; your place is waiting for you. Are you gonna give it a try and stick around?

Business Tip: Get off your butt.

I’d like to open the post with some wise words from the famous artist known as Ke$ha:

“[I] Wake up in the morning feeling like PDiddy/ Put my glasses on/ I’m out the door/ I’m gonna hit this city/ Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack/ when I leave for the night I ain’t comin back…”

Inspiring, right?

Consider this: most people don’t brush their teeth with alcohol, because it’s STUPID. Also, taking into account the way the rest of the song goes, the singer probably washed her mouth out and ate her cereal with the rest of that Jack Daniels before she finished singing.

Why did I mention this song at all? Well, initially it was because I hated it; then I realized that song explains the point I wanted to get across in this post.

“Don’t stop, make it pop/ come on DJ turn it up/ Tonight, Imma fight/ ’til we see the sunlight.”

Bear with me for a second…

I think a lot of younger people have this sense of entitlement when it comes to what they can do, and who they actually are. This song depicts someone who thinks they’re on top of the world and can get what they want. Why does that bother me? Well… shouldn’t it bother you? Why would I want to hang out with someone who is drunk by 11:30 in the morning, hooks up with 80’s rock star wannabe’s (registered sex offenders?), and has no respect for them selves or for authority? I know the song is intentionally a little out of control, like the artist, but many people believe that they can do whatever they want and expect success to come out of the backseat of their car instead of actually working for it.

Like I said before, a lot of people my age think they deserve life on a silver platter, yet they sit and do nothing, feeling bad about them selves because they aren’t CEO of some company yet. Unless you win the lottery or already have a lot of cash from your parents or something, that’s just not gonna happen. I don’t care what school you went to, or even if you did. Your past accomplishments won’t mean jack unless you keep working on your dreams.

I met a great guy a few weeks ago who showed me how through initiative and consistent searching you could get yourself out there. Kyle Lacy (@kyleplacy, CEO of Brandswag), explained to me some simple steps in getting involved and making yourself a more marketable person. The first step is GETTING YOURSELF OUT THERE and talking to people. Don’t be afraid to have fun while you’re at it! Keep building up contacts, and through that network, you might just find that job that you think you deserve. You will at least find someone who can give you a more realistic view about what it takes to find your dream job.

Get involved in networking meetings; they will help you get to know more people in the area you’re interested in. Start cold calling; you’ll get shut down, A LOT, but it’s worth it. The people who sit and talk to you always have the potential to give you new contacts they’ll recommend you speak to.

God knows I’ve made mistakes too. I’ve been that guy I’ve been talking about, thinking I deserve something to just fall onto my lap. Then I realized it’s not gonna happen, and I refused to sit by anymore and possibly have nothing to show for myself. After I realized all of this, I started to rethink how to get myself out there. I’m slowly moving forward, I’ll get there eventually, and who knows, maybe I could start my own business?

“Tick tock, on the clock/ But the party don’t stop no…” *

*I swear I’ll never use this song again in anything I write. Time is on your side; make the best of it.

Why your website sucks

I had this idea for a side business that had a similar name to an existing website. I figured I would contact the webmaster and we could work out a deal, thinking I would put back a few bucks if the offer was good. There was no harm in seeing how much he would take to part with his site, right? The email offer came back, asking for $2200 dollars for the name.


Check the site out for yourself, is this really worth 2 grand?

I would understand if you actually gained revenue from the site to ask for such a huge amount, but I never would have imagined the owner was going to ask for that much. He probably spent about a hundred bucks to keep the site online for a year. And if it’s one of those sites that gains money by the amount of times someone clicks on it, I have a feeling they got more money from that site from me and my friends clicking on it a few times just to see what the fuss was all about.

Again, 2200 DOLLARS? REALLY?

I’m not claiming to be a web guru or have a great eye for amazing web content, but I know crap sites when I see one, and this website just plain sucks.

Going to the site you are greeted with an inviting line about creativity and ingenuity, and that’s basically where the creative juices stopped flowing. All of the links go to pages that use a third party search engine to give you information about whatever link you clicked on. Not one bit of information on the linked pages are from the site. NONE of it actually relates to whatever the site actually is about, which from what I can gather from the title is “Where a new invention promises to be useful, it ought to be tried.” Maybe they should have tried a little harder to create actual content.

My next thought was maybe the site is under construcion, and that’s why it doesn’t have much on it. After looking up it’s history online, I found it’s been around for about 10 years. I mentioned earlier I’m not a web nut, but the sites I have designed had at least working links within minutes. That’s one of the first things I do, and then I click back and forth, which to be honest, always makes me giggle and get a warm feeling inside like I’m actually doing something worthwhile. I have no idea why I like to toggle back and forth from home to another link, it’s just so much fun!

So, what is this site doing, and what services does it offer? I have no idea. If you can elighten me why it’s actually worth 2 times more than what I paid for my car, let me know.

So, finally, is this site worth the price? Hell no.

You have fun with your dumb site, I’ll make my own and click on my own links. 😀 At least they’ll go somewhere worthwhile…

New Blog- New Goals

I’m looking for something cliche to write here everyday of the week. Have an idea? Let me know! 🙂

I’ve set myself some pretty steep goals for this year, and hopefully, I can get through all of them. The biggest one I’m currently working on will take the entire year, but If I’m lucky I should have no problem succeeding. I want to try to meet 100 people in 2010. Not just friends, but in the professional world, whether over coffee or on the phone or what have you. I’ve been looking through twitter accounts, alumni directories, and other various social media sites. I have to keep moving forward and not stop to hear a response, but just keep going.

Eventually the process will have to speed up in order for my goal to succeed, but since I’ve started this goal, I have 5 people in my belt, and a couple more already on the schedule, with a couple pending. I definitely have to step up my game if I’m gonna make it by the end of the year, but I know it’ll be slow at the beginning.