Doing The Most #DTM

This year my little sister charged herself with a simple task- to do the most in 2014. While confusing at first, her hashtag #DTM2014 was straightforward once she started posting all over instagram and facebook with it attached to EVERYTHING.

So I decided to take #DTM and use it.

Amanda and I decided to keep up with the mantra this past week without much of a struggle. We hosted some friends, enjoyed some of their music, and took a quick trip to Memphis to drop them off at a blues festival. Things kept up on the home front as well; I took Pat on a walk at the park, got his shots up to date, and Amanda and I both started to really focus on his development. After a solid week of “no’s” and a few more confident, stern stare downs, paired with positive reinforcement, Patrick is starting to understand when we need him to calm down, and when it’s ok to be goofy and fun.

Photo courtesy of Rosie McPherson
Oh, that pup.

DTM rewarded me with a few things:

I got some Jelly Babies at a candy store,

I wish this British candy tasted sweeter
I wish this British candy tasted sweeter

witnessed a great view from the Mississippi river into Arkansas,

Thanks to Amanda’s mom, Sue, for the early Anniversary gift! We stayed at the River Inn at Harbor Town, Memphis.

and learned the value of serving others.

Amanda’s good friend Leah came down from Tacoma, WA with her boyfriend/band mate Rafael, and their photographer Rosie. Having them in our house was a breath of fresh air. Being able to accommodate almost complete strangers in my home was a big step for me (while Leah and I met at my wedding, neither Amanda nor I had  met her friends). It allowed us to deny ourselves for others, and gave us the opportunity to share the blessings we’ve been given these past few months.

Eggs in a hashbrown-bacon basket. Yum!
Eggs in a hashbrown-bacon basket. Yum!

#DTM means to me a variety of things, with the biggest meaning revolving community and being able to serve. Communion is more than just a religious term – it focuses on doing the most for others, giving and sharing your own blessings while also enjoying company with friends or family. I love that Amanda and I have been blessed so much these past few months that we can finally enjoy life more, and we hope to continue to share in these blessings as the months go on.

As we drove back  from Memphis yesterday, Amanda and I shared updates on our families, who’s doing what now, and wondering whats going on with those we’ve haven’t talked to in the past couple of weeks. Once home, I had to rush to work, and was met with the fast pace of my store. The stresses of getting things put back together, and other various fires that needed to be taken care of are a usual part of my work day. As I was getting things together, I reflected on how much I really enjoy taking care of people, regardless if it’s friends, family, or coworkers. At the end of the day, I get the most out of life when I’m with others.

As I came to that conclusion, my co-worker handed me a brown package with my name on it. My cousin Wynter, who we don’t get to see very often since she lives in Phoenix, had made something for me. As I tore the tape off, I realized how fitting it was to open it at work, where everything seemed to be coming full circle.

How fitting.

How are you going to #DTM2014?



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