Face Brand

When in any new setting in life you want to find where you belong as soon as possible. If you don’t, odds are you most likely won’t be staying around for long. This especially goes with school. Because I didn’t find myself constrained to just one thing (cliché, yes), I found myself wanting to develop a section of the campus and make myself belong there. I did this not because what it was something I loved, but because I hated it so much. I went hard to work at the college radio station at my school, and through this found a place to belong.

I won’t go so far as to say I revolutionized the station when I started working there, but things definitely turned around by the time I left.  And what did I do to make such a turn around? Not counting the numerous hours of help I had from my friends, the one thing that changed that made it all work was what I initially hated so much about it: the station’s brand.

Your brand is a company’s face- it’s the personality and effect you have on other companies and people. I saw from the get go that something was wrong with the station identity in so many levels that it had to go.  The basics of the station had to change because it wasn’t working. By doing an image overhaul, I found a way to make a foundation from which the station could stand on to become more attractive.

The changes in the station were a direct result of things that had changed in me. Looking back on it now I find that there’s a lot about myself that has changed since then. I wanted to find my place to belong, and when I couldn’t, I made one for myself. I wasn’t completely OK with what I had, so I made it my own. It couldn’t work for just me- it had to work for other people too or the entire thing would have cancelled itself out. The same can be done in your own life if you want to start moving forward in any given profession.

You face is a company brand- your personality can effect those around you more than you think. Find a way to make yourself stand out by doing what you love, but doing it creatively. Constantly try to one up yourself, and if you don’t like something, find a way to change it or make it fit with something that you does. And how do you utilize this to make your face a brand? What better place than the Internet? Capitalize on what you have in front of you and make your own niche out of something in the social blogosphere; I’m sure you’ll find some creative way to make yourself fit in.

Like with the radio station I worked at, I knew I couldn’t get everything changed overnight- the station still suffers with figuring out what it’s slogan is going to be. The important thing I accomplished was making the image surface, and through time the rest will follow.

What works for me in creating a brand for myself is creating an outlet that forces improvement and reflection. If you don’t you’ll find yourself sitting, doing nothing, and once again waiting for something to happen.

The setting is there; your place is waiting for you. Are you gonna give it a try and stick around?


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