Why your website sucks

I had this idea for a side business that had a similar name to an existing website. I figured I would contact the webmaster and we could work out a deal, thinking I would put back a few bucks if the offer was good. There was no harm in seeing how much he would take to part with his site, right? The email offer came back, asking for $2200 dollars for the name.


Check the site out for yourself, is this really worth 2 grand?

I would understand if you actually gained revenue from the site to ask for such a huge amount, but I never would have imagined the owner was going to ask for that much. He probably spent about a hundred bucks to keep the site online for a year. And if it’s one of those sites that gains money by the amount of times someone clicks on it, I have a feeling they got more money from that site from me and my friends clicking on it a few times just to see what the fuss was all about.

Again, 2200 DOLLARS? REALLY?

I’m not claiming to be a web guru or have a great eye for amazing web content, but I know crap sites when I see one, and this website just plain sucks.

Going to the site you are greeted with an inviting line about creativity and ingenuity, and that’s basically where the creative juices stopped flowing. All of the links go to pages that use a third party search engine to give you information about whatever link you clicked on. Not one bit of information on the linked pages are from the site. NONE of it actually relates to whatever the site actually is about, which from what I can gather from the title is “Where a new invention promises to be useful, it ought to be tried.” Maybe they should have tried a little harder to create actual content.

My next thought was maybe the site is under construcion, and that’s why it doesn’t have much on it. After looking up it’s history online, I found it’s been around for about 10 years. I mentioned earlier I’m not a web nut, but the sites I have designed had at least working links within minutes. That’s one of the first things I do, and then I click back and forth, which to be honest, always makes me giggle and get a warm feeling inside like I’m actually doing something worthwhile. I have no idea why I like to toggle back and forth from home to another link, it’s just so much fun!

So, what is this site doing, and what services does it offer? I have no idea. If you can elighten me why it’s actually worth 2 times more than what I paid for my car, let me know.

So, finally, is this site worth the price? Hell no.

You have fun with your dumb site, I’ll make my own and click on my own links. 😀 At least they’ll go somewhere worthwhile…


One thought on “Why your website sucks

  1. I agree with you about the website cost but sadly, individuals are doing this continually. GoDaddy will actually help you set up a ‘simple site’ like this, which sole purpose is to hold the name till someone buys it out. Business wise, for them, it is worth it. But also, it is semi illegal so they had to put a search engine specific towards that. It is annoying, so so annoying I agree. Last year wealth.com went for 2.2 Million Dollars. There is wealth in the domain name. I was offered $1,000 for RandomlyCurious.com and didn’t sell for that. Just my thoughts though the process still sucks. What was your idea anyways for the site?

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