New Blog- New Goals

I’m looking for something cliche to write here everyday of the week. Have an idea? Let me know! 🙂

I’ve set myself some pretty steep goals for this year, and hopefully, I can get through all of them. The biggest one I’m currently working on will take the entire year, but If I’m lucky I should have no problem succeeding. I want to try to meet 100 people in 2010. Not just friends, but in the professional world, whether over coffee or on the phone or what have you. I’ve been looking through twitter accounts, alumni directories, and other various social media sites. I have to keep moving forward and not stop to hear a response, but just keep going.

Eventually the process will have to speed up in order for my goal to succeed, but since I’ve started this goal, I have 5 people in my belt, and a couple more already on the schedule, with a couple pending. I definitely have to step up my game if I’m gonna make it by the end of the year, but I know it’ll be slow at the beginning.


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